Club Vision & Values


Kalgoorlie City Football Club aim to be the most successful Sporting Club in the Goldfields Football League. We aim to develop the qualities of sportsmanship, leadership and discipline in individuals through a team based environment.

We aim to provide a social outlet with a family atmosphere for players, relatives, members and supporters – at matches and club functions.

We aim to foster active community participation and support, through the Club’s affiliation with individuals, local business and charity organisations.

To this end we believe that we cannot make a champion – but we can create an environment where champion teams are inevitable, providing a stable foundation and a pathway for promotion of football development in the Goldfields.


The following values and guiding principles are fundamental to the well being of our club:

  • Honesty and commitment to the highest level of professional integrity
  • Open, concise and transparent channels of communication
  • Recognition of our community service obligations to provide a foundation and stable platform for youth development
  • Respect and compassion for the dignity of ethnic backgrounds and cultural diversity